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The Gospel of Jesus Christ: The Parable of the Lord

Follow after the Lord according to His Gospel… Just as the Disciples did!

I have always been looking for a good way to study the bible. I searched in all the usual places for good reliable study resources like several bible versions, dictionaries including Strong’s, Smith’s, Hasting’s, the usual hebrew and greek lexicons, and your usual commentaries that you can get with most bible apps like E-Sword, Bible Analyzer, Mysword, Sword Searcher, the Sword Project, MyBible etc.

After much study and 10 years of trying to interpret the scriptures according to my understanding of the bible using all the resources I had at hand… I came to realize that the scriptures were founded upon one thing… The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who would have thought that a deep intimate understanding of His Story would open the pages of the scriptures that here to for were hidden to me.  After all, it is His personal testimony to me that opened my eyes and heart to the truth and led me out of the darkness…

So how do you begin to come to know The Lord in an intimate heartfelt way? The same way the disciples did… they followed him. I discovered as I followed the Lord according to His gospel I became as one of his disciples wondering who was this man from Galilee.

I stumbled at many of his sayings, at times followed him in fear and trembling, fell in love, shed tears, and experienced much confusion and doubt. BUT, he led me as a little child step by step and in due season would open my eyes to all those things concerning himself. The bible became a new book that I had never read, let alone understood. I’m still on this path of discovery… it’s been 42 years and counting!

This is a personal journey that only you and the Lord can walk.

What now you ask? I suggest you download the Declaration of the Apostles and the Gospel of Christ according to William which is simply a perfect “conflated”  harmony of the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in their dramatic order according to the gospel authors themselves!

All scriptures of the King James Version of the 4 gospel accounts are used with no words added except for conjunctions where there are transitions from one gospel account to another. The Declaration of the Apostles is the Gospel of Christ in a four-column format so you can follow each gospel event in the order in which they were set forth by the apostles and the Gospel of Christ according to william is the same 4 gospel accounts conflated together in perfect agreement. 

The Declaration has several navigation helps, a comprehensive bookmark section, and many other helps such as calendars, first-again events, and a set of all the conflations (weaving two or more gospel accounts together that concern the same dramatic event) in a four-column format showing how each gospel account was conflated.

I will be posting some gospel studies as examples as time allows to demonstrate how to use the various tools and resources. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to fill out the comment section.


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