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Unto to Thee in Order,
Most Excellent Friend…

“The Declaration of the Apostles according to WILLIAM” is a true and perfect harmony of the four gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The Declaration sets forth in order the dramatic events of who did what-where-when, providing a perfect synoptic understanding of the four gospel accounts, without private interpretation or commentary.

All scripture is taken from the Authorized King James Version of the bible; and used in the order in which it is evidently set forth in each gospel account, with no scripture omitted and none used more than once; while the order of the scripture is determined by the testimony of the scripture.

The Declaration is an invaluable tool for the study of scripture. Dramatic consideration of time-distance-movement can be precisely determined; while literary considerations of issues, doctrines, and concepts can be charted throughout the gospel.

This is a very exciting work. As you review this document you will discover the order of the scriptures to be significantly different from other works that endeavor to develop a chronological harmony of the four gospel accounts.

What is so unique is that the order of the scripture is determined according to a mutual correspondence found between the testimonies of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that seamlessly reconciles their accounts into one dramatic narrative.

This discovery of an inherent literary interdependence among the four gospel accounts in confirming a true chronology of the Gospel of Jesus Christ opens to all believers and unbelievers alike the hope for an intimate understanding and knowledge of our Lord’s Life, Love, Faith, and hope in fulfilling His promise to Abram the Hebrew, the passion for His Bride, and the Revelation of His Church

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A dramatic reenactment of His passion: Readers theatre format. 

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Document Description: This document is the fruit of the author’s personal walk and experience according to his revelation of Jesus Christ. 

I did a ‘save as’ of The Gospel Of Christ according to WILLIAM. Called the ‘saved as’ file “The Gospel Of God according to william” (being Wm. G. Pinard). Then I added old testament scripture with my own comments throughout my gospel. I could do this because it was my gospel, with my name, according to me: an expanding, living testimony of all that God has wrought and taught in me.

You could have your own gospel if you wanted. Just ask God. “The Gospel Of God according to [your name].” All my added text is bold, allowing the reader to identify my imported text. If I added an entire paragraph of text, the paragraph number was put in bold; and the text remained plain; the reader knowing that the entire paragraph was either bible scripture or my own words.