Missives with Letters

TCAT_Missive To Moriah_Passover 2014

I’m a common man whose only strength is to be faithful in what the Lord has revealed to me;
to persevere under hardships that afflict any natural man, and to hold fast to the grace that
God has given me that I might walk with the Lord in all the fruit of his Spirit.

TCAT_Letter To Jennifer_Passover 2014

Document Excerpt:

The term “free will” is legally understood, in that, if you obey the law, you remain “free” according to the law; and conversely, if you disannul the law, and proceed to conceive and establish a new law, you have then taken “liberty” to supercede the old law in order to establish the new.

Patrick Henry rejected his civil obligation to remain under English law, and in so doing he no longer remained a “free” man: to the English, he was a criminal; to the Americans, he was a patriot. Patrick embraced “the spirit of liberty” and pursued the American dream: to establish a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal; to pursue a new and higher law under which men and women could live in peace and happiness.

If Patrick failed in his efforts, he would fall back under English law as a traitor; a crime worthy of death. That is why the English shuddered when he proclaimed, “Give me liberty or give me death!” It was a declaration of war.

TCAT_Letter to Lisa_Passover 2014

Document Excerpt:

The Church At Troutdale is a fellowship.  (This is the parent Website for these documents – www.thechurchattroutdale.com)

“…house to house…” and

“…barbeque to barbeque…” 

Barbeque is best.

The church is where the fellowship is…

No fellowship, no church.

Fellowship is not a doctrine.

Neither have we doctrines about God or the Lord Jesus. Or salvation.

We have something better. We have a gospel.

A gospel that is three-fold: One Way in three.

The Gospel Of Christ. The Gospel Of God. The Everlasting Way.

TCAT_The Hope Of Glory_Passover 2014

Document Excerpt:

You have the right stuff, Jill; (knowing in part while never understanding in full the ‘substance’ that
you have received;) for from the ‘substance’ itself you know that it is the very substance of God:

that here on earth he has made love to you and put his seed into your soul…a seed that will generate a
new heavenly body made of flesh and bone and living waters from the very substance of the glory
of the Majesty on high:

(that the Lord Jesus will be seated upon the throne of God with your soul cradled in his arms,  surrounded by the all the hosts of heaven anticipating your new birth, and he will arise and lift you up in the palms of his hands:

and the glory of God will burst forth from deep within the Godhead and envelop the King Of Glory, and in the midst of that pillar of fire your soul will be fitted with a new heavenly body made of flesh, and bone, and living waters:

made of the very substance of the glory of God; having been generated by and according to the very substance of the Seed that you had received…