William’s Ways Collection

This is a small collection of Bill’s personal writings…

TCAT_Fellowship Of Fishers_Passover Secure 2014

Document Excerpt: The church is a fellowship of fishers, and there’s no telling how many of them there are…

TCAT_From Faith To Faith_Passover 2014

First, O Friend, I thank God through Jesus Christ that the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, has given me grace with unspeakable joy, and a peace which passes all understanding, to declare unto you what God has both wrought and taught in me concerning his Kingdom, even the revelation of Jesus Christ, according to the blessed gospel of the blessed God which is committed to my trust.

TCAT_I’ll Fly Away_Passover 2014

Been thinking about “I’ll Fly Away” for years. About what happens to the spirit/Spirit of a born-again believer at the hour of their death. And what happens to their soul at the hour of their death. And about salvation: what salvation is. Yes, what exactly is it? And what exactly are we being saved from?

TCAT_We Pass_Passover Secure 2014

We pass… from life unto death…  We pass from life unto death… We pass from death unto life… We die daily yet live eternal. At the setting of the Son we descend… At the rising of the Son we are bathed… In the Light of Life.

TCAT_Never Say Never_Passover 2014

The Lord has a great sense of humor: he has us all dangling on his keychain: using us to unlock the mysteries of his grace to overcome the powers of darkness that we now face.